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Through continuous development of brand WATERZONE, we will become a leading company in specialization.

PNI-INNOTECH CO.,LTD has been established in august 2000 on basis of experience and know-how learned for learned for many years, launching waterzone, which is a unique brand in the analysis and measurement fields. Water analysis instruments are defined as controller and transmitter part, hand-held part, sensor part, holder part, cleaning part and accessory part. Controller and transmitter part is improved it's quality for more reliable analysis results by consisting of panel meter and local transmitter. All meter are basically quipped with micro-processor to be able to connect to cleaning systems. Cleaning part is designed for ultimate performance under the tough environment as well as the other sensors and holders, and controlled in assemblies of ultrasonic and air-jet system to the meters. PNI-INNOTECH CO.,LTD is increasing investment for continuous research and development to meet tech customers needs, and wants to help customers to raise their values by satisfying diverse needs, using our knowledge for enhancement of the customers' knowledge. To achieve this, we will keep our management philosophy based on R&D, and extend our business forwards specialization through continuous development of our own brand WATERZONE.

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TRO (Total Residual Oxidant)

TRO (Total Residual Oxidant) Analyzers. For ballast water treatment. Patent: rotation electrode & cleanning. Multi-measuring system. Chlorine, Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, Pressure. DC20~30V power require. RS485 communication. Modbus RTU mode.